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Two Toned Sterling Silver Four Layer Necklace
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It's finally here! Two Toned Multi Metal Necklace in hammer edge finish.

Sterling silver and rose tone copper discs.

*Largest Layer is 1.25 inches. 

Customers have been asking for multiple names that can hold more than 4 names.

Center dot will separate each names. Please type a period to separate each person's name.

If there is not period, we will assume that it is a middle name and no center dot will be used.

Small Disc - 1 name (or two short names up to 13 character limit)

Disc 2 - 1-2 names (15 character limit, anything longer will be hidden by the top disc)

Disc 3 -  1-3 names (16 character limit)

Disc 4 - 1-3 names (21 chracter limit)

*please note, if you type over the character limit, the letters may be hidden by the top layer.

Please choose your chain type and length.

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