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Custom Engraved Actual Photo of Dog or Cat on Sterling Silver Keychain
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*Nov 29th is the last day to order for Christmas Delivery using Standard Shipping in the US*

Perfect gift for pet lovers. 

We transfer a photo of your pet and custom engrave it on sterling silver round disc.

You can also handwrite the pet's name (or we can just engrave it for you) Please comment any specific instructions in the comments box

How to submit photograph/signature:

1. Take a photo with your cell phone in the highest resolution, or a take a photograph of the photo if you don't have it in jpg file

Please upload in jpg format.

*If your signature is on a separate piece of paper, simply put the photograph and signature side by side, and take a close up photo of it together.

Please upload one photo that shows a clear image of your pet's face and on the same photo file, you can include the signature

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