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Actual Fingerprint Sterling Silver Necklace
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A lasting keepsake of your loved ones' fingerpring and signature.

a 3/4 inch heart charm is engraved with your actual fingerprint.

Image shows a fingerprint and grandma's signature that was transferred to the heart pendant. 

How to submit fingerprint/signature: (if no signature is included, no word will be engraved on the heart)

1. You can use a pencil to darken  your finger to be fingerprinted. 

2. Imprint the darkened finger on a clear tape, then adhere to a white piece of paper

3. Take a photo with your cell phone in the highest resolution

Please upload in jpg format.

*If your signature is on a separate piece of paper, simply put the fingerprint and signature side by side, and take a close up photo of it together.

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