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Actual Handwriting - Sterling Silver Key Chain on Round Disc For Dads
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Please email the back image if you chose 'Yes' above

Have an actual handwriting inscribed on a sterling silver Key Chain!
Whether it is your kid's writing, or anyone you cherish and love, you can carry this meaningful piece with you at all times.
*Round disc measures 1 inch in diameter. It is sterling silver
** Key ring is sturdy/quality high shine stainless steel.

**How to submit images**

High Resolutions Pics Recommended for Best Results! (800x600 minimum)  *please make sure the photo you take is from good lighting.
Please submit the image above in the 'file upload'.  Please remember to browse, find the file on your computer and then press upload.  You can also email me a photo (taken with a phone or camera) (
or send me a scanned document of the writing.

Please be specific as to positioning of the letters on the charm. Otherwise, I will use my best judgment on how to position each letter/words.

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