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Aruba is our home away from home and it is our favorite getaway destination. Who wouldn't love a white sandy beach with turquoise Caribbean waters, with amazing coral and tropical fish? Adam, our 5 year old son was very excited to go back to visit Aruba this time around.

The reason why we keep going back to Aruba is for a beach called Baby Beach. I just love the calmness of the water and you can walk about 50 feet in and still be able to touch the bottom of the sea. For the first time, I mustered up enough courage to snorkel beyond where my feet could touch the bottom of the sea. It was a breathtaking experience to see different types of tropical fish and squids! A starfish was also crawling. My brother who loves to snorkel, was leading the way and every now and then would take out a piece of bread (we made sure to save some bread for the fishes in the sea from breakfast buffet) and hundreds of fish would gather around him! It was sad to leave Aruba, but we sure will be back again soon.

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