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As summer vacation for my kiddo is coming to an end, I felt a slight pang of guilt about not spending quality time with my son.  Granted, he did enjoy 8 weeks of awesome summer camp, but with 2 weeks left of summer vacation, I didn't want him to sit on the couch watching tv and asking for snacks every 5 minutes.

So, I planned the day to do something 'different' than we normally do, and drove across the bridge and into Manhattan to the Children's Museum of Arts.



                                         Adam is creating digital video. 


He had a blast and Adam's favorite part was the 'ball room' , which doesn't have anything to do with art, but I'm glad we left on a good note so that we can come visit again next year.

Afterwards, the plan was to go visit the Firemen's Museum just about 2 blocks away, but Adam already had a full day so he didn't want to explore. 

NYC Fire MuseumWe are saving this for our next trip!

Of course we couldn't leave NYC without calling Adam's favorite aunt Tia and uncle Dave.  So we drove over to their place on the lower east side and hung out at Tompkins Square Park.  We even spotted Padma Lakshmi, and of course, I was starstruck unlike all the other cool New Yorkers in that park and couldn't keep my eyes off of her.

Adam's favorite park in the world -Tompkins Square Park, there are so many playgrounds within this park.

All in all, it was a great day- quality time spent with Adam!  Next year, perhaps I should plan the summer ahead of time so we can take full advantage of what NYC has to offer.  Being so close, it seems a shame not to explore the island some more.


What fun memory did you make with your kiddos this summer? Please comment below:

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